441 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229-1889




A Good Place to Live

The Borough of West View was established in 1905. It is 1.1 square miles. There are 7,762 residents of West View, with approximately 3000 households. There are approximately 195 businesses.



Several churches were formed and built throughout the years. To date there is3 14 Catholic , 15 Methodist, 16 Presbyterian, 17 Evangelical and 28 Luthern Churches in the Borough.



The Pittsburgh Railways Company constructed bridges and combined its West View and Bellevue routes in 1906. Now there was9 public transportation to the city from all parts of the Borough.



Several lots on Oakwood Avenue were presented to the Borough for a public school. It open10 in 1905. In 1909 Highland School was dedicated. It was located on the east side of the Borough at Highland Avenue and Columbia Avenue. Throughout the years to come11 additional schools were built to house all the children of the Borough. In 1948 West View and Ross formed the North Hills School Jointure. In 1965 the two districts merged to form the North Hills School District.



West View Park was founded in 1906 and was immediately met with disapproval. The park was opened on Sundays12 which residents did not approve of. 13During the first year of operation14 there were many fights among men in the streets of the Borough. After Council discussed the situation with the park manager15 it was decided that the two popular rides would run on alternate Sundays. Also16 other amusements were closed on Sundays17 to keep the noise down.

Each year there were many different company picnics held at West View Park. Many residents worked at the park in the summertime. West View Park Danceland was home to many of the Big Bands. Danceland burned to the ground in 197318 and with it went a lot of memories. In 1977 the park announced its closing for good.


In 1979 the empty park property was to be used for a shopping center and senior citizen high rise complex. Today the property houses several shops19 such as K-Mart & Giant Eagle20 and several fast food chains and stores.



The Police Department has grown over the years from a 121 man force to the current department of 1022 officers23 which include the Chief, 124 Lieutenant, 225 Sergeants and 626 Officers. The department has many different specialized divisions such as Crime Watch, Dare, 27Abandoned Vehicles28 to name just a few.



The Fire Department consists of 329 companies located throughout the Borough. There are 96 volunteer firemen belonging to these companies.



The Borough is governed by The Mayor and 730 elected members of Council . West View Council Meetings are31 the 2nd32 Wednesday of the month at 8:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers on the 2nd33 floor of the Borough Building. All residents are welcome to attend. Residents are welcome to bring concerns to Council34 but it is asked that they try and resolve the problem with the appropriate Borough Department first.