441 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229-1889



West View Borough Police Department
441 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, Pa 15229

Keeping West View a "Good Place to Live"

The West View Police Department has grown since its early days. The Department35 started out with one man on a motorcycle. The department still has a motorcycle and also a fleet of four Crown Victorias like the one pictured above.
West View Borough Police Department now consists of 1036 Members37.38West View Borough is aproximately39 1.5 square miles.40 West View is bordered on all sides by Ross Township. 41Despite being surrounded by Ross, West View continues to maintain it's own idenity.42

The West View Police Department is currantly43 developing a consolidated data base44 using the Pa_Lemis45 data reporting system. This is a joint venture between several Police agencies to include,46 Bellevue Borough, Avalon Borough, Kilbuck Township, Ohio Township, and Franklin Park Borough. This project is scheduled to be unvailed47 sometime mid year49.

In these next few pages we hope you will find out something about West View that you may not have known before. We hope you'll see why West View is A Good Place To Live50