441 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229-1889



A Word From The Chief:

Welcome to the Borough of West View Police Department from Charles M. Holtgraver, Chief of Police.
Having had a life long desire to become a police officer, I
51tested and was hired as a member of the West View Police Department August 1972. Five years later I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and in August 1996, I was promoted to the position of Police Chief.

The West View Borough Police Department is a twenty-four hour a day operation employing ten full time police officers covering three shifts a day. The police department also employs three full time radio dispatchers and three part time dispatchers.

Six Special Police officers assist the daily operations of the police department by directing traffic at church crossings and working special events such as North Hills High School District football games and Carnivals as well as monitoring parking throughout the business district.

The police department employees52 seven school crossing guards, who are very dedicated to their positions, seeing that our school children are safely crossed at dangerous intersections throughout the Borough while on their way to and from school.

The police department is very community-oriented and our officers take great pride in keeping West View a safe place for our residents and business owners.

We have an active Crime Watch program under the direction of Sergeant Tony Pusateri, who is assisted by Officer Bruce Fromlak. Both officers are certified Crime Watch Officers. The Crime Watch Officers provide programs to local businesses and civic groups to help make residents and business owners aware of ways to protect themselves from becoming victims of crime.

Officer Bruce Fromlak is our juvenile officer and is also a certified DARE officer. Officer Fromlak is very dedicated and active with the youth in the Borough53 providing programs to the children in our grade schools as well as working with troubled youths throughout the community.

Each year a different officer is assigned the duty of monitoring vehicles, which are considered abandoned under the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. This officer is responsible for the removal of these vehicles, which helps provide parking spaces for resident's54 vehicles as well as removing blight from the streets and properties within the Borough.55

In addition to annual mandatory training, our officers are provided a training schedule from both the Allegheny County Police Academy and the State Police Training Academy. Officers wishing to attend training at one of these facilities for a subject considered beneficial to the police department and community are provided the opportunity to further their education and job performance.

Every police officer employed by the Borough of West View is state certified as Intoxilyzer and VASCAR operators. Each officer actively enforces drunk driving and excessive speed violations as well as all vehicle and crimes code violations to help make the streets safe for our residents and commuters using our roadways.

We pride ourselves in the quick response to calls for assistance and the professional manner in which each situation is handled.

The police department maintains a fleet of four sedans, three marked units and one unmarked. We also have two bicycles and hope to soon add a police motorcycle.

The bicycle patrol was first employed to provide quick, efficient patrol ability for officers working details in the West View Plaza. The program was expanded to patrolling the vicinity of both the annual West View Firemen's Carnival and the Saint Athanasius Carnival. The bicycle patrol has also been placed in neighborhoods to monitor the parks where complaints of disorderly visitors have been received.

In an effort to protect the residents of West View, the police department recently enacted a new policy governing door to door56 solicitors within the Borough. Solicitors must undergo a criminal history background check at their own expense, prior to being issued a permit to solicit within the boundaries of the Borough of West View. Applicants having been convicted of a crime against persons or property will be denied the necessary permit to solicit in West View. Our police officers strictly enforce this policy and violators are subject to a fine and or jail time for any violations.

The police department has maintained an automated record keeping system since 1991. Our automated system has been very useful in maintaining our files as well as tracking incidents of concern to the police department and community57while providing easy access to records needed for various reasons. We currently are in the process of upgrading our system to updated and faster equipment as well as an improved version of our record-keeping program.

In the past two years, we have made many changes within the police department, 58updating equipment, remodeling our offices and changing the appearance of our police cars. We are currently in the process of adding laptop computers to our vehicles. This will enable our officers to check vehicles and people in an instant, helping ensure their safety as well as providing the ability to complete many of their reports from their patrol cars rather than at the police station, therefore increasing the presence of our officers in the community.

Another project in progress is the consolidation of police records with several neighboring law enforcement agencies. Upon completion of this project, officers in any of the participating law enforcement agencies will have access to records and incidents occurring in a participating community. For example, an individual stopped in West View at 2:00 A.M. in addition to being checked through the National Crime Information Center, would be checked against our local files for activity. Should this individual have been involved in criminal activity locally (even if not arrested)59 this information will be available to the requesting officer60 and hopefully will prevent criminal activity in our community.

The Police Department has obtained grant money for the upgrading of it's computer equipment, addition of laptop computers, upgrading firearms61 and purchasing a police motorcycle as well as adding an officer to the department. All equipment purchased and 62training provided to officers has63 been of little or no cost to the community thanks to assistance from State Representative Dave Mayernik and Congressman Coyne.