441 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229-1889



Bike Patrol

Officers Todd Towne, Doug Drwal64 and Joe Connolly have taken the challenge of the Borough's bike patrol. The bike patrol is a relatively new program for the West View Police Department. It has been recieved65 well by the residents and the officers alike.

     The Borough maintains two Bikes.66 The first bike was donated by The West View Chamber of Commerse67 and First City Inc.68 With69 help from Scholl's Bicycle Shop. Officer Drwal liked the bike patrol so much that he gave his own bike to be lettered and used as the second bike for this program. The lettering on the bikes was provided by D&T Auto.

The Borough's Bike70 patrol are71 a regular part of the West View Plaza Detail72. This detail is where the patrol originated. Since then the bikes have been used in neighborhood patrols and special appearences73 for crime prevention functions.