While totally and completely parked on my own property, I was ticketed repeatedly (illegally) for sidewalk obstruction and subsequently brought before the
West View Tribunal (AKA) west view zoning board.
How is it that others can blatantly violate laws by parking on the sidewalk or in the right-of-way 24/7, without any parking citations or zoning board violations?

THE COURT: You cannot drive in and out of your property onto Perry Highway?

MR. BAXTER: Not without an approved curb cut to pull in there.

THE COURT: Approved what?

MR. BAXTER: Curb cut, to cut the curb to access the highway.

THE COURT: What if you go over the curb?

MR. BAXTER: That is illegal. It is unlawful. PennDOT will not allow you to do that.

MR. CLEMENT: Your Honor, I would like to make a -

THE COURT: That is not constitutional.

MR. BAXTER: Well it may be, Your Honor.

THE COURT: That is taking property.


 Fred Baxter, Borough Attorney

as captured in court transcript,

Common Pleas Court,

Allegheny County

May. 27, 1999

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This is a common sight along route 19 in wEST vIEW 24/7, and the ONLY property to be subjected to this bull is 479 Perry Hwy.


"A dark cloud hovers over wEST vIEW,as long as this autocratic regime is in power"