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3 Q. Would you state your name for the record?

4 A. Deanne Ebbert.

5 Q. And, Mrs. Ebbert, how long have you lived

6 in West View Borough?

7 A. About 43 years.

8 Q. And during that course of time, have you

9 ever worked in any position for the Borough of

10 West View, the North Hills School District?

11 A. Crossing guard at Chalfonte, Perry Highway.

12 Q. How close would that be to this particular

13 building that we're talking about?

14 A. Three buildings.

15 Q. Three buildings away?

16 A. Yes.

17 Q. And would you tell the Board, if you would,

18 the period of time that you worked there as a

19 crossing guard?

20 A. 4 1/2 hours a day, 7 to 9, 11:15 to 1, and

21 like 2:30 to 4:15.

22 Q. And how many years have you done that?

23 A. About 20 years there.

24 Q. 20 years at that position?

25 A. Right.

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1 Q. During that period of time, then, you would

2 have had the opportunity to observe Mr. Ballon's

3 property. Is that correct?

4 A. Any properties along there.

5 Q. Did you ever observe during that course of

6 time any automobiles parked in the front of that

7 building on what we've termed here to be the

8 sidewalk?

9 A. Yes.

10 Q. On how many occasions?

11 A. Oh, a few times. I -- except for the

12 morning. There wasn't nobody parked there in the

13 morning. Never. Then a couple times, I asked

14 Mr. Ballon if he backed up there. I had to keep it

15 clear for the students, and he said he's just loading

16 the car and he'll leave shortly.

17 Q. All right. So the period of time --

18 MR. WATSON: Could we just go back

19 over that, because I was distracted.

20 MR. BAXTER: Yes.

21 Q. What was the period of time that you say

22 that Mr. Ballon was backed up to the door?

23 A. Yes. Like around 11 o'clock -- no. It was

24 when I came -- like at lunchtime, he was loading the

25 car. I said, I've got students coming. He said, I'm

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1 leaving shortly. So he never gave me no problem.

2 MR. WATSON: Let's go back a little

3 further. I think she started talking about the

4 difference, the 7-to-9 shift.

5 THE WITNESS: That's in the morning.

6 There was nobody ever parked there.

7 MR. WATSON: I'm sorry.

8 MR. BAXTER: That's okay.

9 Q. And then you say you had a discussion with

10 Mr. Ballon on occasion?

11 A. Yes. A couple of times. He said he's

12 leaving shortly; and if somebody else pulled in

13 there, nobody's supposed to park here, and they would

14 leave. It wasn't just his. The Crowning Glory

15 Beauty Shop, several times they had companies drop

16 off towels. They had big bunches of towels, and

17 they'd drop off stuff and leave.

is Q. Even when you told Mr. Ballon, he told you

19 that he was going to pull out of there --

20 A. Shortly.

21 Q. And he knew not to park there? Is that

22 what you said?

23 A. Yes.

24 MR. CLEMENT: What is that? I

25 object. She doesn't know what Mr. Ballon was

Page 91

1 thinking.

2 MR. BAXTER: No. No. I'm talking

3 about a conversation that she had with Mr. Ballon.

4 MR. CLEMENT: He's asking what

5 .....Mr. Ballon was thinking.

6 MR. WATSON: Overruled.

7 Q. So we have this clear on the record, did

8 you ever have a discussion with Mr. Ballon about

9 parking in front of that building?

10 A. I went down, and I said, the students are

11 going to be coming. You're not supposed to be parked

12 here, and he said he's just unloading his car and

13 he's going to be leaving shortly.

14 Q. Did you have an opportunity to observe that

15 building in the early 1990's up through 1995?

16 A. In '95?

17 Q. Yes.

18 A. Yes. I was there until about five years

19 ago. Then I went to Cornell.

20 Q. Did you ever make any observations -- do

21 you know when Joe Barr ran that facility?

22 A. Yes. A lot of times he walked to work. He

23 would come down the hill.

24 Q. Did you ever notice, Mrs. Ebbert, his van

25 parked on the sidewalk in front of that building?

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1 A. I don't recall. Anything that would be

2 parked on the sidewalk bothered me, because I liked

3 it clear for the students.

4 MR. BAXTER: You can cross.


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