Some feedback received by email

"The Police Chief obviously has made this a personal vendetta, and is acting as if he can make and create his own laws. He obviously feels he is above the law, and can do as he pleases. It is a blatant abuse of authority/position. He should be removed from his position, and Mr. Ballon should sue for damages resulting from the Police Chief's harassment. This is absolutely ridiculous, and is one of the reasons why the general public holds law enforcement in such a disdainful light."
-Robert 6-22-98-

"This is harassment, plain and simple. The Chief of Police is acting as if he can make and create his own laws. He feels he is above the law, and does not have to read the law or refer to council. He is blatantly abusing his authority. He should be removed from his position and the city should do so before Mr. Ballon sues for damages resulting from the Police chief's harassment. The financial exposure that the Chief is causing the City is not warranted. He should be immediately directed to cease this practice or be replaced. No present elected officials will be retained if the city loses a large law suit. The officials should check their own liability policy to assure that they will not be sued for malpractice if they do not act immedialy."
-Sanford 6-22-98-

"Hello.. What an outrage that is..I have lived in West View my life and i know what jerks all the officials are here..Its who you know or what ever and if you tick them off once they seem to make your life miserable..What a shame..I do intent to send this to all my friends and my relitives that still reside here in the good ol'bourgh of West View..I think they will be not very suprised at what your going threw..Very nice web page you have.. I bet it took a long time to do..Anything i can think of to assist you i will email you..all i can say is what a shame.."
-Barb 6-23-98-

"Went to your website, and I have to say you are getting screwed! Good luck on your quest for your rights."
-Stephen 6-25-98-

"....think of all the silly stories the local news covers. "so & so found a flock of turkeys on their front porch this morning" "these two guys got into a minor fendor-bendor in their parking lot on their way home tuesday. there was only minor damage and nobody was hurt." this is actually something that one of the investigative reporters would do. you've gone through all the conventional routes, they were (obviously) ignored. you've set up a web site (which i've had my family look at, because it's a riot!), now, if this crap continues, i honestly think you should inform the media. if having a judge tell the cheif he's being an ass didn't embarrass him, maybe a camera in his face, with a paul martino attached to it will. can't hurt to try! luck to you, pal! give 'em hell!"
-heather 6-26-98-

As a former Pittsburgher who still has pride in the city and the Steelers, this injustice makes me happy that Westview is not part of Pittsburgh. How can we let this little out of the way Boro give Pittsburgh a bad name. All of you who live in Westview should be protesting to the Mayor and council for letting "little Hitler" push around a poor citizen. Could of of us be next? Send your support to Mr. Ballon and keep Pittsburgh's name clean.
-S.Leff 6-28-98-

"On my way home from work tonight i payed more attention to how the cars in West View seem to park (especially by McDonald's).. They all park on the so to say sidewalk.. How can that be???..Or is it because you get hasseled because your so close to the fire station??..Mabey..But that should not make a differance..Anyways...Great page you have.. I will be sure to pass it on to all my frieds.."
-Barb 6-24-98-

"Just love our men in blue."
-I.C. 6-24-98-

"I love your site. Im a cop and think your site is great!! Keep it up... If what you say is true I can't believe they waste the time and effort they do to harass you. Good luck..."
-Chris 6-23-98-

"just checked out the website!! pure beauty. loved it. keep fighting the good fight, brother, and maybe you should simply contact the tv stations, while you're at it. hell, he wants to explain to all of pittsburgh how a cop knows more than a judge, let him. luck to you."
-Heather 6-25-98-
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get a life sir
MWB 6-30-98

".....i grew up on Chalfonte Avenue.. You know right behind ya.. I often stop up at my mom's house and i saw your BRIGHT NEON sign you have in the window..I have saw it for awhile and today i decided to check it out... My brother also has a computer and I told him to check it out..He did and he was apauled at what was happening to you here.."
-Barb 6-24-98-

Why don't you sue the borough and the chief for harassment? This is now clearly a civil matter that can be resolved easily. Once the boro loses the suit you will never hear from the chief again.
-Chuck 7-2-98-

Why don't you file a lawsuit?
-Cindyk 6-3-98-

While your site was very entertaining, I have to say it was not at all surprising this is happening in West View. Ridiculous? Yes. West View? Definitely. Will be passing your site along to others.
-Carolyn July 4, 1998- if you could only get some residents of Westview to go to a council meeting and scream... Get the lawsuit going!
-Chuck July 5, 1998-

sounds like he needs to treat the others as he does you or vise versa. otherwise he is being partial. he shouldn't go against the judge. to disagree is something. we all have opinions, but the law inforces should obey the law too. this could be harrassment. if you own the property you should be able to park there. good luck on doing good. forgiveness brings releif. justice is nice, as long as its tempered by mercy.
-yoseph June 30, 1998

....if they want rights to -- I'd make them pay out the ### for them. :-) Tell them it's theirs for a public apology and a written agreement that the area where you park is (not) the sidewalk.
-Cindy July 5, 1998-

Pure and simple harrasment on the part of Westview Police. You have definate grounds for a lawsuit here. I have never in my life witnessed such absolute waste of time and effort in the way the Chief of Police is coming after you for NO VIOLATION. To totally disreguard a judge's ruling on your particular case involving the parking situation is the police in Westview not have anything better to do than ticket law-abiding citizens? I can see why you have brought this whole thing to the internet to publicize your particular fight, sir. Your case was thrown out , dismissed, and that was the end of the story. In Charles Holtzgraver's mind his ego is more important than proper proceedure. Keep up your fight, and it is great to see folks like you who just won't lay down and die when their rights have been violated, and fight back.....give 'em hell!

-Lynne Riedell July 5, 1998-

you are most definately getting screwed... you have all the proof on your page... good luck against chief LoSeR
-Relayer July 5, 1998-

I just got done reading that crap in the tribune...Seems to me you do have the rights to this web page.. Like Dah chief Holtgraver..Does he not know you bought the rights to that page.. hahaha..He better check his stuff out before he shoots his mouth off..hahaha.. It is very clear to me and the rest of my family that the police force definatly has it out for you for some reason.. Is there not CRIME out the in West View ?? They have to pick on a long time resident?? ..I live on Center Avenue (Acrossed from Uncle Toad's )..What a place that is....Drunks coming out all the time making tons of noise..When i call the police to complain ..They tell me..They will send someone there..Which they never do..I have 2 small kids that have to listen to foul talk all hours of the nite.. Then there is a pizza shop that entertanes young teenagers all the time too...Seems to me some people in this stinking bourgh pays people OFF!!!..All i can say my friend is is definatly who the hell you know here..What a shame .. I will pass y\this off to my brother and father to have them look at this new stuff..Good Luck..
-Barb July 6, 1998-

Im so sorry to hear about the trouble buddy. I walk by 479 Perry Hwy. all the time and your car has never obstructed my passing. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed your webpage, I laughed all the way through it. It sure did hit the mark. Maybe when the cops are done harassing you they can find their way over to Chalfonte and Wentworth Avenues. On any given Sunday morning they could fill their coffers with parking ticket fines from those who park on the yellow lines and stop traffic from turning down the side alley by the church. With services in, and the streets full of parked cars, I cant turn down the alley to reach my back alley (Enon Alley) to get to my garage. I think there is more "who you know" going on in West View than there is in Washington D.C. With all the documentation you have, seems to me you have a good legal case against the borough. I'd take it as far as I could go. Good Luck.
-ITS July 5, 1998-

This is in response to the article in the July 5th Tribune-Review written by Julie Hannon.In the newspaper article Chief HOLTGRAVER is quoted as saying "I've been here 27 years, and it's never been a parking space..." I have known Mr. Ballon since 1979 and frequently visited him at 479 Perry Hwy. I occasionally assisted at Angel Studio and clearly remember giving customers directions to park in front of the building. The very spot where I often parked,for the entire day and NEVER received a ticket or a warning or any type of comment on my choice of parking spaces. Either Chief HOLTGRAVER'S memory is faulty or he was very unobservant or prior to 6 months ago he had no reason to even notice Mr. Ballon's car in front of his building. Chief HOLTGRAVER is further quoted in the article as saying, "we had a complaint from someone who was having a hard time seeing past his car as they pulled from the municipal lot" question is WHAT WERE THEY HAVING A HARD TIME SEEING? Certainly not highway traffic. If that is the case then they were NOT pulled up to the street but were back from the road where they would have a hard time seeing any traffic with or without a car parked in front of the building. Perhaps this persons driving ability should be investigated instead of Mr. Ballon receiving a ticket. The firemen's view is blocked...they're view of WHAT??? the pavement UNDER Mr. Ballon's car? Certainly not of the highway-the seat of the fire truck sits much higher than Mr. Ballon's car. As a matter of fact I have had a difficulty seeing traffic coming north on the highway when pulling out of the driveway beside the firehouse because the fire trucks were pulled out as shown on a picture on the web site. I also have encountered difficulty leaving Mr. Ballon's because I was blocked in by a fireman's vehicle while he attend a meeting in the firehouse -a meeting-not a fire. "You are blocking the sidewalk"...apparently the Chief never attempted to walk along the sidewalk running the length of the Betsy Ann shop--I have and have been forced to leave the sidewalk, step OVER the concrete barriar that separates the sidewalk from the street and walk in the street because a truck was parked on the sidewalk(not just stopped for delivery but parked for an entire week-end-THAT'S what I call sidewalk blocking and believe me I definately was "in jeopardy of being hit" when I was forced out onto busy Perry Hwy. Chief HOLTGRAVER states ..."he just doesn't want to listen to reason... " Oh, really? every time a ticket was issued and a protest was made YOU changed the reason for the ticket being issued. This DOES sound as if you did "go up there and pick on him". This DOES sound like harassment. This is quite reminiscent of the mess Millvale got into years ago when the police decided that they could do whatever they cared to do to the citizens of that community and where are the police who were involved in that situation??? Perhaps that is where Chief HOLTGRAVER should be. Or perhaps he could audition for the role of Barney Fief on Mayberry. I'm sure Andy Griffin could use him as a deputy. I'm asking Mr. Ballon not to use my name as I am from the area and truly fear retaliation from the police for speaking my mind. Keep up the good fight.
-EB 7- 5- 1998-