Humpty dumpty in wEST vIEW

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall 1

Humpty dumpty had a great fall 2

All the King's horses 3

And all the King's men 4

Couldn't put Humpty together again 5


1. "cHARLES hOLTGRAVER testified Humpty dumpty was standing
on the wall. (Testilying as usual)

2. Richard D. Powell, Mayor of wEST vIEW never saw the fall
(It took place in the winter, while the mayor was in Florida)

3. Laird Kircher testified the horses never helped,
they were too busy "loading and unloading".

4. Deanne Ebbert was like(sic) screeching like(sic), at all the
King's men, they was(sic) blocking her view from where her arse
was attached to the window ledge.

5. Deanne Ebbeert stated, like(sic) Humpty dumpty never fell,
I told him to move, I told him the students was(sic) like(sic) coming.
He knew not to sit there.

Pittsburgh Attorney Fred E Baxter, also Borough Solictor(sic)
filed charges for some sort of Zoning Infraction.

Pittsburgh Attorney Dennis A Watson who is Chairman of the
wEST vIEW Zoning Board upheld the charges in his
kangaroo court.