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20 a witness herein, having been first duly sworn, was

21 examined and testified as follows:



24 Q. Officer Pusateri, would you state your

25 ... name, please?

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1 A. Tony Pusateri.

2 Q. And you're a police officer in the Borough?

3 A. Yes, I am.

4 Q. And what rank do you hold?

5 A. I'm a Sergeant.

6 Q. And how long have you been a police officer

7 in the Borough?

8 A. 21-plus years.

9 Q. And you do the math for me. When did you

10 start?

11 A. 1978.

12 Q. Thank you. Have you had an opportunity to

13 observe the property at 479 Perry Highway?

14 A. Yes, I have.

15 Q. How is it that you see that property? Do

16 you go by it every day?

17 A. I drive past it regularly.

18 Q. And during the course of the 21 years that

19 you've been a police officer in the Borough, have you

20 ever noticed anyone parking on the sidewalk or in the

21 front area of that building?

22 A. Not on a regular basis, no.

23 Q. When you say, "Not on a regular basis,"

24 would you explain to the Board what you mean?

25 A. Since 1978, 1 have seen cars parked on that

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1 sidewalk very seldom. I have seen in that time frame

2 people unloading vehicles in that location, which at

3 that time, as a police officer in West View, I never

4 chased the people. Because it was like a courtesy

5 that I would extend to them to unload their vehicle.

6 But the vehicles would always move shortly

7 thereafter. It was never considered a parking spot.

8 Q. You weren't involved in any of the

9 citations that were issued. Were you?

10 A. I think I did issue one of the parking

11 tickets.

12 Q. And would you explain very quickly to the

13 Board what your observations were on the day that you

14 issued that ticket, if you recall?

15 A. Mr. Ballon's vehicle was parked on the

16 concrete portion in front of his business.

17 Q. And you issued a traffic citation?

18 A. A parking citation.

19 Q. And that was later dismissed. Correct?

20 A. I don't remember. I can't remember what

21 happened to them.

22 MR. BAXTER: You may cross-examine.