chief holtzgraver....
For 28 years I have parked on my own property without any problem. Now, under your direction, tickets are issued when I park there. The reasons given have been, variously, that I am "blocking the sidewalk", that I am "parking on a right of way", that "a curb cut is required", and last but certainly not least "that my car blocks the view of the firemen or people pulling out of the parking lot". The "blocking view" theory doesn't make any sense. and there is no way in the world that the definition of sidewalk, under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, can be applied to real estate that is clearly described in my deed! There is a curb cut adjacent to the area, and direct access from the parking lot.
Instead of all your rhetoric and imaginary ideas concerning curb cuts and right of way, cite some specific laws if you can! After that, perhaps you could explain why you want to prevent my property from being utilized in the same manner as countless others use theirs, in the Boro of West View.
While you're at it, perhaps you could explain why a 73" sidewalk is acceptable, in what has to be the highest pedestrian traffic area (Police, Boro Building, Magistrate, Bank) .....and the 89" sidewalk in front of 479 Perry Highway isn't wide enough.
This entire situation makes me wonder if there is some special agenda going on here. With all the overt sidewalk blocking violations, and edge of highway parking, rampant throughout the Boro--what is your problem with 479 Perry Highway, where there really isn't any violation at all. There seems like there has to be more to this than meets the eye!