Here's your quiz

1. Where, in the entire world, are tickets issued for parking entirely on your own private property?

2. What police department totally disregards the decision of the court?

3. Can you guess the location of the police department where a parking ticket for parking on your own property, would be issued an hour after midnight on a Friday, instead of looking for criminals or even DUI suspects?

4. Where in the free world do the police, seemingly confiscate private property, without any notice whatsoever?

5. Can you guess the locale, where a person is penalized because his or her building sits back from the property line?

6. Could you possibly guess where the police deem it safer to back a car out of a parking space with limited visibility, rather than pull it out with good visibility?

the answer below, has been printed backwards and upside down out of respect to the way things are in wEST vIEW.