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The S*L*I*M*E of wEST vIEW


Within a week after the dismissal I was vindictively cited for zoning infractions. The citation was for parking on my own property, as I had done for over 30 years. In my opinion this was done for one of two reasons:

  • It was an effort to appear united behind this chief and to support him.
  • I was perceived as the means to enable taxpayers dollars to be diverted into the pockets of Fred Baxter, the borough solicitor.

It's interesting to note that Fred Baxter just happens to be the Attorney for West View Water Authority, where Daniel Daugherty is the CEO) The same Daniel Daugherty who is President of West View Council, and according to many people, the head honcho of the Borough!

A hearing before the West View Tribunal, better known as the West View Zoning Board, was scheduled. Part of this hearing was to be devoted to determining whether my claim of "grandfathered parking" was valid.

Also interesting to note-- Fred Baxter, who will be representing the Borough of West View in front of the Zoning Board, is a former law partner of Dennis Watson, who heads the Zoning Board.

email: absurd@westview.com