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The S*L*I*M*E of wEST vIEW

Daniel M. Daugherty, puppetmaster
C.E.O. of West View Water Authority President of West View Council

As the leader of West View, he calls the shots!

Who do you think appointed Dennis Watson to be Chairman of The West View Zoning Board?

Who do you suppose is responsible for Fred Baxter being the Solicitor for West View Borough?

As a frequent Angel Studio customer he usually parked in front of the studio, substantiated by at least 5 different people who took his orders at the front counter!


Does his silence add credibility to the theory that Mr. Daugherty is the architect of the continuing legal battle, merely as the means of funneling large sums of borough money to his friends for their legal services?


Are there plans to expand the firehall?

Does Eckerd's planned acquisition of the entire next block to build a large drug/superstore explain the undue attention being paid to 479 Perry Highway?

Does Mr. Daugherty have plans to take the Ballon property by eminent domain?

Anyone who has parked in front and/or remembers seeing parking there, should come forward! Liars, people with poor memories, and those who refuse to come forward with the truth should be voted out!

Hearing testimony given in a court of law, by law enforcement personnel and community leaders which is totally contrary to fact, is very scary. Realizing that these same people could testify the same way in criminal court (and perhaps do) is really frightening. Adding insult to injury, this regime is able to divert taxpayers' dollars into the pockets of their friends.