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Deanne Ebbert, Crossing Guard
This is the same Deanne Ebbert who should have been arrested for child abuse because of the screaming, screeching discipline administered by this banshee on a regular basis. Her shrieking "discipline" was demeaning to all the children with whom she came in contact.
Her testimony before the West View Zoning Board has exposed her to be a complete, total and absolute LIAR because she testified to a conversation with me that never took place. It was a figment of her imagination with no basis in fact whatsoever.

I challenge her to a polygraph test, anywhere, anytime!

Hearing testimony given in a court of law, by law enforcement personnel and community leaders which is totally contrary to fact, is very scary. Realizing that these same people could testify the same way in criminal court (and perhaps do) is really frightening. Adding insult to injury, this regime is able to divert taxpayers' dollars into the pockets of their friends.

Click here to see testimony given in front of

The West View Zoning Board

Member HUA Club apparently 43 years