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The S*L*I*M*E of wEST vIEW


police chief

Tickets for sidewalk obstruction were issued by chief charles holtzgraver to initiate this whole ordeal. After a court dismissal of identical citations, only a pathetic excuse for a law enforcement officer would issue repeated citations for "sidewalk obstruction" under the Motor Vehicle Code. Perhaps police in a totalitarian government are able to act this way, when a vehicle is parked at least 3 feet onto private property. Actually four feet, counting an additional foot of property, previously confiscated by West View Borough, without compensation.

which was clearly a violation of the United States Constitution...

"No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or

property without due process of law... nor shall

private property be taken for public use, without

just compensation."

Amendment V, U.S. Constitution

The question is, whether he was instructed to do so by a leader of the

Autocratic Government of West View.

If his testimony under oath was truthful, and not testilying, then chief holtzgraver should be dismissed for dereliction of duty for just not paying attention.

Hearing testimony given in a court of law, by law enforcement personnel and community leaders which is totally contrary to fact, is very scary. Realizing that these same people could testify the same way in criminal court (and perhaps do) is really frightening. Adding insult to injury, this regime is able to divert taxpayers' dollars into the pockets of their friends.


Click here to see testimony given in front of

The West View Zoning Board


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