..."Police Chief Charles Holtgraver, Sgt. Anthony Pusateri and Officer Todd Towne received commendations in recognition of outstanding efforts and service on May 14, the day homicide suspect Frank Weber was the object of an all-out manhunt in West View and Ross neighborhoods."

-----Post-Gazette June 10, 1999

Unfortunately, there were no additional commendations presented for the collision of the vehicles driven by Pusateri and holtzgraver during this manhunt. Nor were there commendations for the heated "discussion" that ensued! So far we do not have a usable photograph of the resulting damages to the police vehicles involved.


Interesting to note, apparently the officers involved never saw each other's cars prior to impact. These same officers have testified, or have been quoted as saying things like they never saw parking in front of 479 Perry Highway. Are eye exams in order for some of West View's finest?